Our attractive 2' timber frame porch roof is offered as an option with  any of our freestanding & lean-to designs.  Adding both charm and practicality, this unique design has proven to be a very popular winner!

- two foot roof overhang 
- extended 3-ply ridge beam 
- additional roof framing & panels
- handcrafted decorative cedar arches.

Adding a unique personality to your greenhouse (as well as shelter in adverse weather) contact us for pricing.

8'x12' with combo 18" & 30" basewalls
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10'x12' with 18" basewalls throughout
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8'x12 with 30" basewalls throughout
(under construction)
Newly designed & scheduled for assembly in Sept, 2019.  20'x32 greenhouse with 20x6 screened room- 2' porch extension (with 5 decorative cedar arches each) on both gable ends.  Stay tuned for photos!
Uniquely stained 8'x10' with 30" basewalls throughout
Additional basewall vents in front gable end. 6mm polycarbonate roof & sides. Dutch door.  
8x12 with combination 18" & 30" basewalls.
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8'x12' with 18" basewalls
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  8' wide - $850
10' wide - $895
 12' wide - $950 
12'x24' with 2' porch extension
18" basewalls- height is boosted additional 24" - plexiglass sides and roof- glass to ground doors-
10'x20'Adrienne's Room
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12'x22' with 2' porch extension
18" basewalls- plexi glass & cedar windows
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16'x16' with combination 18" & 30" basewalls.  We dropped the front end to accommodate for existing concrete curb foundation.  Client provided skirting.  Ordered with double Dutch Doors & double Dutch windows. 
 Note the sturdy center & mid beams.  Roof extension has five decorative cedar arches.
16'x20' with 30" basewalls, 6mm polycarbonate, double Dutch doors.  
2' gable extension has 5 decorative cedar arches.